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Here are some photos to show you our CollarTags close up.
We do not sell collars, only tags!
Please go back to the main CollarTags page to order.

collar tag
Above: nylon & ribbon collar with a large Clip-on CollarTag™

mini collar tag
Above: mini Clip-on CollarTag™ on a soft "Beastie Band" collar
(on our former foster cat Mango, now adopted!)

cat collars and tags
Above: how to attach a Clip-on CollarTag™ to a collar.
Pinch the collar to put it in between the steel 'arms'.
You can see why your collar needs to be made of a stiff but bendable material,
and why measuring (not guessing) your collar width is so important.


Above: buckle collar with a Slide-on Thick style CollarTag™.


Two bottom photos courtesy of our manufacturer Boomerang Tags
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