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PLASTIC colors collar tag

Note: These colors may not be an exact match to the actual tag colors due to variations between computer monitors.

Our manufacturer uses a different kind of plastic than any other manufacturer we are aware of; a full 1/8 inch thick. Our plastic tags are made from UV-stable ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and the material is guaranteed for 2 years not break or fade due to a manufacturing defect -- customers have told us they've had them for 5 years and they still look great. They are NOT chew proof! No material that can be engraved can be chew proof. Our stainless steel CollarTags are the least likely to be chewed, since they are worn against the pet's collar. See our Guarantee for full details.


Staineless Steel

collar tag

A non-magnetic stainless; very hard and rust proof, even in salt water. Lettering is deeply engraved.

Steel hanging tags do not have or need a grommet to reinforce the hole. Only plastic tags have a metal grommet.

On CollarTags, the engraving is color filled. On stainless steel hanging tags, it is not. Here is how you can DIY color fill your engraving:

Clean the tag surface to remove all traces of dirt and oils. Then paint the entire tag surface: epoxy paint is best, enamel paint or nail polish will work, or a Sharpie Marker can be used but does not last nearly as long as paint. Before the paint dries drag the tag across newspaper to remove most of the surface paint but being careful not to remove the paint in the letters. After the paint dries buff the tag with 00 Steel Wool to remove any remaining surface paint.



We do NOT offer Brass.

We are sometimes asked why we don't offer brass tags. Brass is beautiful BUT it is a soft metal, so it wears quickly and will not last nearly as long as our stainless steel or plastic tags. It may discolor some light colored fur, and it tarnishes and requires polishing to stay legible.


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