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Every time you order from WoofTags or MeowTags, you are helping homeless pets! We donate 100% of our profits to 501c3 nonprofit charities that are dedicated to helping homeless pets. That is the goal of WoofTags - that and making sure your pet has a tag that will last, so their tag can be their ticket home! You can see many of the charities we support on our affiliate page.

TOTAL DONATED as of Dec 31, 2016: $27,587.99!
See the year-by-year donation totals here.

Our Featured Cause is...

Featured Cause

The Rescue Train - www.therescuetrain.org
The Rescue Train is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia through hands-on rescue work, dedication to spay/neuter, and educating the community. Programs including their highly successful "Trained for Life" program where shelters dogs are completely obedience trained prior to adoption, and their annual "Race for the Rescues" which funds and supports dozens of animal welfare organizations.

Below are just a few of pets WoofTags.com customers have helped. See WoofTags.com Facebook page for even more!

Jenny was rescued from the shelter so sick she nearly didn't make it. After days of intensive care at the vet, she recovered, but then had problems walking. They took her to a specialist neurologist who recommended a MRI ($2,000-$2,500) to tell them exactly what was going on so they can best treat it. This little girl deserves so much as she has come so far! Happy update: Jenny was adopted by her foster home!
Wilbur was at the shelter for a long time, but even though he was a purebred Shih Tzu, and only 2 years old, he was not being adopted because one of his eyes was bulging and loosing its sight. On his last day, he was rescued, and then his rescue paid to have a special eye surgery, and found him a new forever loving home with another little Shih Tzu.
Underage kittens at shelters usually don’t even get one day - unless they there is a rescue ready to save them! Harry Purrter and his four tiny friends were very sick (as many shelter kittens are) and their vet bill was over $600. They were nursed back to health by a rescue's foster home, and then adopted out into loving forever homes.
Believe it or not, this smiling Staffordshire puppy was so scared when he was first rescued, he would cower in the corner and pee on himself if a person approached him. A rescue paid for a talented dog behaviorist to work with Ike and his foster home. It took many months, but his sweet playful nature emerged, and he was adopted! When needed, many rescues pay for a behaviorist to work with new adopters and their pets, to ensure a smooth transition and a lasting home.
Who doesn't love a girl in a Tux? Kai is a very social sweet kitten, the last of her litter who was waiting to be adopted - and she found a wonderful furever loving home! She was in a rescue's wonderful foster homes for many months. Many rescues spends an average of $500 to $1,000 per dog or cat they rescue on medical exams, spay/neutering, vaccines, etc. It can also include "room and board" paid in-home fostering, or "charm school" for dogs.


Thank you for purchasing your pet ID tags from WoofTags
and helping rescued dogs and cats like these!


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